For the past several years I have worked almost exclusively in oils and my subject
matter has evolved to become ‘the common object.’  I usually isolate an object from its
normal context and portray it in a way that allows it to become symbolic, metaphorical,
or provocative.  My aim is to create an ‘object portrait’ rather than a traditional still life
composition.  I find that everyday objects can provide a powerful window into the lives
that people live and the finished paintings often evoke powerful personal associations.

     In terms of specific subject matter, I lean towards ‘the more mundane the better’ as
as way of avoiding stereotypes and breaking new ground.  Recently my work has
included food items, shopping bags, packaging and other items that inhabit popular
culture and are easily recognizable.  I am constantly searching for subjects that possess
just the right combination of strong visual appeal, a sense of whimsy or humor, and an
element of social commentary.