My paintings are a reflection of my desire to find order in the randomness of life,
stability in the precariousness. I arrange objects to create still life compositions
that have a sense of balance and rightness. In the process, I select, amplify, organize
and simplify. I am interested in exploring the two dimensional picture plane - playing
with shapes and edges and negative spaces. My goal is to reveal another layer to the
ordinariness of what we see and tend to overlook. Seeing beauty in the banal and
harmony in the haphazard, I aspire to make paintings that invite the viewer to a place
of quiet and comfort.

I am drawn towards forms that have a strong geometric component, that are solid
and stable. Generic or mundane objects, such as boxes, paper, bags, or ambiguous
packaging materials, allows for perception beyond a literal narrative. However I often
like to juxtapose these with other items, such as tools, utensils, envelopes, or books,
in order to provide opportunities for symbolism and metaphor.

In my earlier paintings, comprised of a single subject, I isolated the object from its

normal context and portrayed it in a way that allowed it to become iconic,
evocative, or universal in meaning.  My aim was to create an ‘object portrait’ in order to
reflect popular culture or to provide a window into the lives that ordinary people live.